I consider myself an sport and of physical activity lover and  above all else. I do not conceive my day by day without them and  I have based my profession and my main objectives in life in them. I was born in Lanzarote and there my life has passed, while it has been the place where I developed my professional career, focused on physiotherapy and sport. The first by formation and the second by devotion, always. Both have taught me to understand the human being; Their needs and needs. What suits you and what moves you away from your parcel of happiness.

I studied the race of Physiotherapy, discipline that still I continue exercising and that was the origin of everything that has come later in my professional trajectory. I spent the last year in Finland, surrounded by forests that I moved daily and that gave me the germ of an idea that today is a reality: the Paleotraining. And later the study of evolutionary medicine taught me the keys to a diet that can provide us with all the health we sometimes lack.

Now I am dedicated to seeking well-being and health through sport and food and I try to transmit my knowledge because I believe in training, starting with my own.

So I set out to expand mine. Constant research helps me advance in my method and enriches me especially. I feel the need to study more. I am interested in the science and technique of training.

I work regularly in seminars and conferences and I am writing my second book, which I hope will not be the last one. This is my personal blog that I would love to access and share with you.

I believe in evolution and the main value for me is happiness.